Ice Cream Flavors:

Mint Choc Chip
Pink Cotton Candy

Blue Cotton CandyCoconut Macadamia
Caramel MacadamiaHawaiian Mud
Kona Coffee
Cookie and Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Mango Sherbert
Rainbow Shebert
Banana Fudge
Rocky Road
****Plus the flavor of the month****


One Scoop $4.75 
Two Scoops  $8.50
Pint $15.75
All Scoops include Tax!

3 Scoops, banana,  whipped cream, cherries, & syrup
 (chocolate or carmel)
nuts (optional)

Ice Cream
Milk Shakes and whipped cream
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Betty Winstedt {97 years young} has officially opened  the "Tea Room Corner"
Having fun at
 Two Scoops!
The Dahl Family visits from Denmark while Fine' and Nicolus celebrates Fine' birthday with a tea party at Two Scoops.  Aloha and Congratulations!
 Mary and Shirley from Missoula, Montana wanted a Banana Spilt each to go home with, "we'll return the dish tomorrw"!  
Yum - Yum!
Past times at Two Scoops in the tea corner that has been converted to a coffee corner shown above.

Tea Corner 4/2010 - 11/2011

1 scoop Sundae (your choice of flavor) $7.25
Hawaiian Hot Fudge (Locally Made)
Whipped Cream
Nuts (optional)

2 scoop Sundae (your choice of flavors) $10.00
Hawaiian hot Fudge (Locally Made)
Whipped Cream
Nuts (optional)

3 scoops "The Full Monty"
(your choic of flavors)
3 Scoops
Hawaiian Hot Fudge (Locally Made)
Wipped Cream
Nuts (optional)

Flashback pictures of Two Scoops 4/16/2010
Although these times were lovely the tea corner has been suspended until further notice! 
Please enjoy our newly renovated coffee corner!
Two Scoops Ice Cream Parlor
Hours or Operation
M-F 12n - 9pm
Sat. & Sun. 11am - 9pm 
For additional information please contact us at 808-489-4350 or 808-216-1136.
email address:
1/1/2012 - 2013
Drinks Availabe:

Kona Iced Coffee              $3.95  
{ + scoop of ice cream}    $2.00
{ + whipped cream}           $1.00

        Hand Dipped
Ice Cream Milk Shakes  $9.50