Ice Cream Flavors:

Mint Choc Chip
Pink Cotton Candy

Blue Cotton CandyCoconut Macadamia
Caramel MacadamiaHawaiian Mud
Kona Coffee
Cookie and Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Mango Sherbert
Rainbow Shebert
Banana Fudge
Rocky Road
****Plus the flavor of the month****


One Scoop $4.75
Two Scoops  $8.50
Pint $17.00
Waffle cones / bowls
All Scoops include Tax!

3 Scoops, banana,  whipped cream, cherries, & syrup
(chocolate or carmel)
nuts (optional)

Ice Cream
Milk Shakes and whipped cream
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Betty Winstedt {97 years young} has officially opened  the "Tea Room Corner"
Having fun at
Two Scoops!
The Dahl Family visits from Denmark while Fine' and Nicolus celebrates Fine' birthday with a tea party at Two Scoops.  Aloha and Congratulations!
Mary and Shirley from Missoula, Montana wanted a Banana Spilt each to go home with, "we'll return the dish tomorrw"! 
Yum - Yum!
Past times at Two Scoops in the tea corner that has been converted to a coffee corner shown above.

Tea Corner 4/2010 - 11/2011

1 scoop Sundae (your choice of flavor) $7.25
Hawaiian Hot Fudge (Locally Made)
Whipped Cream
Nuts (optional)

2 scoop Sundae (your choice of flavors) $10.00
Hawaiian hot Fudge (Locally Made)
Whipped Cream
Nuts (optional)

3 scoops "The Full Monty"
(your choice of flavors)
3 Scoops
Hawaiian Hot Fudge (Locally Made)
Wipped Cream
Nuts (optional)

Flashback pictures of Two Scoops 4/16/2010
Although these times were lovely the tea corner has been suspended until further notice!
Please enjoy our newly renovated coffee corner!
Two Scoops Ice Cream Parlor
Hours or Operation
2pm - 8pm
For additional information please contact us at 808-489-4350 or 808-216-1136.
email address:
1/1/2012 - 2013
Drinks Availabe:

Kona Iced Coffee              $3.95 
{ + scoop of ice cream}    $2.00
{ + whipped cream}           $1.00

       Hand Dipped
Ice Cream Milk Shakes  $11.50

Shaved Ice Corner
2018 - 2019