local artists:
Laura Margulies
Laura Margulies, director of Ukulele Pictures,LLC is an award winning animator and painter.  Laura hand animates using oil paints and watercolors to create images which she captures digitally using a "stop motion" style.  Her films and commercials have sceened worldwide.  Laura was a full time faculty at New York University's Tisch Scool of the Arts before returning to Hawaii with her family in 2008.  She currently animates and paints both small and large paintings.
Special Mahalo's to:
  The Honu-Group for their mural sponsorship
June 2,2010
Traveled all the way to KoOlina to enjoy a lovely English Tea.  Everything so elegant and tasty, making our visit to Oahu a memorable one.  Evelyn Kite and Fasaye Hashimato celebrating Fasaye's 87th Birthday. My mother returns to Califorina tomorrow.  Thank you!
Thank you for the lovely tea and scones.  They were delicious.  We love Two Scoops! 
Stephanie Kreibom
Two Scoops = Two Thumbs up!  Thank you for our wonderful tea and scones.  Delightful
June 15th 2010
Thank you for a delicious, delightful and memorable luncheon.  It really helped to top off our Hawaiian experience.
See you next year!
David and Angela Dobrin
Mr. Wyland visits
Two Scoops
Pat, Wyland and Nathan stand in front of the future home of Wyland Grill and Galley three doors down from
Two Scoops.
Wyland and Pat
How about a ice cream sundae from Two Scoops?
Mr. Wyland
"World's Premier Ocean Artist"
Mona Abadir
"Chief Operating Officer of the Honu Group"
Notice the mural behind Mona and Wyland
"the brilliance of a true artist at work."

Simply Amazing Work!

Mr. Wyland is opening a restaurant in Waikiki and also here in the Ko Olina Station.
For more details of Mr. Wylands work visit his website at
What a Fantastic Career!