Pat & Nikki
having fun!
Nathan and NY Giant's Player  #76 Chris Snee
shake hands..
Oscar gives us a Hang Loose sign as he enjoy's a sundae
NFL Director
Geordie, his wife Nicole and children
Jake and Sophie Wimmer have some ice cream.
"Former Harlem Globetrotter"
Hallie Bryant and his wife Deloris
spend some quailty time with
Nathan and Pat at Two Scoops
Hallie and Deloris Bryant
Joe and Sheri Sawyer
for more information about
Hallie and the Globetrotters please visit
Marc and Cam Cunningham enjoy Izzy the dog's Anniversary
with ice cream!
I'm so happy
ice cream and ballons
"hip - hip - horray"!
Juluis and Heidi Farrar enjoying the Islands and
Two Scoops!
From Mt Vernon, Wa.
This lovely family was in a fatal plane crash in my hometown of  Anchorage, Alaska.
Hetty, Ella, Adelaide and Corey Carlson
Aloha a hui' hou = Until we meet again!
A tremendous wonderful and delightful family
May you "Rest in Peace" Bless your souls!
The Winter Family
Elverson, PA
Well -  Well look who has joined the party Grandpa David and Grandma Diane! 
Welcome to the Islands...
Our prayers are with you so sorry for yor loss!
Tracy Biggins, future Australian Basketball stars -
Travis Dittmar and Bethany Dittmar
and Sean Knox enjoying ice cream all the way from Adelaide, Australia.........YUM YUM!
Aloha and welcome to Two Scoops
Bobbie and Kim Mosey from Ohio --
Terri and Kevin Bacon from Arizona
{Kevin Bacon} Really---- Hummmmm!
Smile from the Islands!!!!!
Whether a banana spilt, ice cream or just some fun
You're alway welcome to Two Scoops!
What's the Scoop with Two Scoops
Yahoo!  Yum Yum!
Fun! Fun! Fun!
Michael Gascon enjoy some time with Janet O'Conner and shows us ideas about the
Hawaii Business Magazine!
Janet always has that contagious smile and
a wonderful disposition. 
Welcome to Two Scoops where our commodity is ice cream and our product is
Aloha a hiu' hou!
Matthew Schachran
spends time with his daugther before he deploys to Afganistan who lives in Ewa Beach via Chicago.
Can we live here?
Children having fun!
Jill & Ron Jennings - Northhampton England
Michael & Diane Kwan - Huntington Beach. Ca
Criag, Tiffany & Miley Erlanger- Las Vegas, NV
Alberto & Stella.
Scott, Tara, Trinity, & Colby Cortese
Kapolei, Hi.
Yea Baby!
Alexa our local  Soccer & Triathlon Champion,
Tony, Destry & Velay Smith
Kapolei, Hi
Welcome to Two Scoops
Jocelyn & Xavier Lalonde
with "Cooper" the (bear)
The Heavisides Family
Calgary, Canada
Aloha & Ice Cream Delight!
<a href="">Quicktime Required</a>
Quicktime Required
Happy Birthday Tyler Dodge! 
Sean and Danielle Dodge and younger brother Ryan celebrate at
Two Scoops Ice Cream Parlor
Please watch the video as Tyler sings on his
4th Birthday.
You made your parents so very proud! 
No one does it like you Tyler. 
Happy Birthday Tyler!
We welcome the Hills / Park Family from Glenview, IL to Two Scoops!.
John Girmsey and
Riesel Pardilla
Ewa Beach
who will be marrying
Feb. 2 2012
Yes we're still open! hehehe!
to Jennifer and Ron Goldwassol.
Son Matthew and Daughter Alexa
From Caladasas, Ca.
Aloha a hui' hou!
Shannon from Anchorage Ak., Sara from Westerly RI and
Cheri from Kansas City, MO
who are living on the Island play tourist for the day.
Ice Cream
Tim and Nicki Gavin from Chicago (Des Plains) IL celebrate their Honeymoon
Ahhhhhh isn't that cute!
Carne Fulling from Mililani and
Todd Jordan from Aiea enjoy Two Scoops
Mark and Claudia Pozer
came every night for Ice Cream;
A Big Mahalo and safe travels home to Medina Ohio
Tanya,Swayne and friends from Bolingbrook, IL. stop by
Two Scoops Hey! Hey!
Aloha and Welcome!
to the Steinbrenner Family from
Sherwood Park, AB, Canada
the Archer's Family
Edmonds Wa.
sure like their Ice Cream!
A very lovely family indeed....
Dani and (Joe Thompson not pictured)
along with Will, Anna & Nora
from Bainbrigde Island, Wa
Enjoy a little time at Two Scoops
Wishing you all well and please come again!
One final treat at Two Sccops before returning home..... Thanks for the memories Max, Christine, Alex and Jeff Archer
we hope to see ya soon!
It's a Washington Invasion so says
Ron, Caz, Brock Bailey and Samantha Newman also from Edmonds Wa.
What is so funny?
It's just Two Scoops!
The Miller family plus Colton Andrade hummmm
Where is Dad?
We just love the camera your heart out!!!!
I Scream ...... Ice Cream
Who are we?
Cory and Jessica Wodelet bring Nickalus in for some ice cream.
Thanks for the email and we hope to see you soon!
Congratulation on your marriage on April 4th 2011
Aloha a hui' hou!
Susan Donahue
from Vancouver, Wa
Kate McIntosh
from Tacoma, Wa.
enjoy sundaes together.
'Yum! yum!  So let's get this straight you're from Wahiana and Califorina via Ireland.  hummmmmm!  Aloha!
Our lovely neighbors
Rachel Smith and Gary Kopis
come in to have some ice cream. 
Great to see ya!
Joe, Rosemane, Carlton, Cathy, and Joesph
from La Mesa Ca.
truly enjoy ice cream from Two Scoops
Aloha and Mahalo - hope to see you again!
Lana, (not pictured) Greg, Braden, Kayla, and Cole Robins
from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Wow! You finished the
whole banana split...
Mary, Mike and Melia
beautiful  local smiles
The regulars:
(who were there at our Grand Opening)
Annika Edwards from the resort,
Katarina Christie and Anneliese Christie
who are headed to Virginia will surely be missed..
Aloha a hui' hou!  Thanks for the good times..
Austin, Roxanne, (not pictured)
yet Audrey Beaver sure knows how to pose for a picture 
from Issaquah, Wa.
"You go girl....
It's not a plane, It's not a train,
It's not even superman
It's Clayton for the Hillside...
via Michigan
What a guy!
Handsome fellow.
Beckett Birmingham and Family
enjoy their time in the parlor!
Mahina, Kala, and Hokupaa Melim
enjoy their treats.
Hey where is Matthew? 
Looking for more I bet!  hehehehehe...
Don and Virginia Bergis from
Gilroy, Ca.
enjoy a ice cream
Tony and Natalie Morreale
from Celebration, Fl.  are  newlyweds who really know that "Maddi" their dog will be home waiting!
Truly honest people Betty (not pictured) Taylor Brendon and Dennis Fleming from San Jose, Ca.
Good luck with all you endeavors and by the way we owe you $1.05 when you return.  Aloha!
Dick and Arlene Hawks from Auroma, IL have  been married for 37 years. 
Wow what a couple!
Such a lovely family from Palo, Ca
John, Chase, Brooke and Matthew Davi
Our neighbors!
Sharon Ross
Valerie Plaskett
stop by to see us!
Aloha and Mahalo!
Lovely dress!
Valerie who claims she loves ice cream!  Two Scoops please...
It a families affair.  Eric, Shain, and Madelina from Thousand Oaks, Ca.
along with Ardi (in red), Larry in (white to the right),
and Ariella in (blue) from Las Vegas, NV
Welcome to the Home of Gourmet Ice Cream!
Big Mahalo's for Ardi's input!
Todd and Kathy Johnson
Timmy and Rod Schultz (Dad)
from Utah
Aloha and Welcome!
The Bigelows
from Washington D.C.
Welcome to Two Scoops!
The Patenio Family
from Chicago and Glenview, IL
Ice Cream for Everyone!
Ed and Karen Thersen and Family
from Monroe, Mi
The Rodriguez
from the Beach Villas,
KoOlina, Hi
just a stone's throws away! 
hope to see ya soon!
Gary and Kris Dole from Albuquerque, NM
and the Panthen Family from Cold Spring, NY
Wow is it every nice to be here!
Jessica and Julie {in the Wheel Chair}
enjoy their time at Two Scoops!
Aloha a hui' hou!
Cecily Ching and Deborah Buono
share a banana split from Honolulu, Hi
Welcome to the Westside...... hehe!
Mitchell Lawrence is in a league of his own
form McKinleyville, Ca
he ordered 5 scoops and later came back to order 4 more scoops
He claims he has a ICE CREAM SICKNESS!
Welcome to the Doctor's Office
(Two Scoops at your service)
Step away fron the ice cream son help is on the way....hehe!
Smile it's the Surabian Family
from Fresno, Ca
Terry and Donna Tuttle and Family
share some good times at Two Scoops
from Shinple Spring, Ca
Ahhh! Showing their love for one another
Zoe and Dylan
hold hands and smile....lovely!
The Yamamoto Family from
Tokyo, Japan
spend a little time at Two Scoops
Mahalo and Aloha!
Kelly, Casey, Finley, Brady, and Emery McGee
live it up on the Islands from
Seattle, Wa.
Josh, Jenna, Joe, and June Podjasek
are also known as the JP - Family
enjoy some ice cream.
We are so sorry we wish we knew who you are so....
The Question is who are we?
If you know please e-mail us at and let us know.
Great pictures----Thank You!
Welcome to Two Scoops
Franco and Cat
from Manila Philppine's who are
expecting a baby on Nov. 11th 2011 we hope it is at 11:11 am or pm which means the birth date would be 11/11/11 @ 11:11.  1111111111 Congratulations is in store!  Imagine That!

So nice we had to do it twice!
Welcome back regular customers
All Pro Kicker (David Akers and Family)
David is now with the San Francisco 49er's #2
Say Hello Mom for us
While Dad coaches for the
Houston Texans Stone' and Natalie enjoy some
Hawaiian Mudpie
ice cream
"yum yum"
All Pro Linebacker #56 Derrick Johnson treats his son (Duece) at Two Scoops.
Elizabeth Kreislen (Mom) from Soya MN. and Rachel Emerson (daughter) from Dennison MN. bring such happiness from Minnesota to a place of happiness!
e'leve'e Custom Clothing
Designer / Stylist
Chandra Ferrer and Jen Duran
from Playa Del Rey &
Newport Beach Ca.
spend the afternoon smiling and enjoying ice cream!
Welcome to Hawaii
Pro Bowl Football Players "2012"
Ex-pro Tony Walker Colts #24
and fiance'
Katie Puzzuoli
enjoy time at
Two Scoops
Ashley and Kate from San Diego, Ca
insist on mentioning "Drew Bees"
Go Saints!
after have seconds of our rainbow sherbet.
Yuriko Iruka and Fumino Mizuyama provide dolphin tours for Japanese tourist and speak  fluent Japanese.
Their family enjoyed a delightful banana split at Two Scoops
For more details about tours see or
Japan toll free 03.6688.7678 Hawaii 808-864-9013 or
Word Winners from Wisconsin 
Jen, Alex and Tim won a trip to Hawaii via the
"Kelly Ripa Show" Yahoo
Welcome to Two Scoops!
Aloha and welcome!
Micheal and Sylia Robinson
from San Diego, Ca
Thanks for purchasing my book
The Alaskan " Midnight Sun"
During the LPGA tournament held at KoOlina Don Kim President and CEO of J Golf and Wife enjoy some ice cream...

It's a family night out as Jeff, Heidi, Caleb, Kiley and Toby Orr  from Murrieta, Ca enjoy ice cream and have fun with us... Aloha!